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EYE-02 - GSM camera and security alarm

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  • So many versatile uses
  • Choose the profile that suits you
  • Choose the profile that suits you
  • Choose the profile that suits you
  • Choose the profile that suits you
  • Choose the profile that suits you
$950.00 (inc GST) $826.09 (exc GST)
$10.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

The alarm:

The EYE-02 includes the following internal sensors:

  • PIR motion sensor - detects body heat and movement
  • Acoustic noise sensor - detects sound above a pre-defined level
  • Glass break sensor - detets the sound frequency of glass breaking (such as a window being smashed)
  • Tilt sensor - detects if the unit has been moved or tilted

The unit will send you details of any activity on these sensors via TXT, MMS, email or a voice call. It can also record (and send you) still pictures from the camera if one of the sensors is triggered.

The camera:

The EYE-02 has an in-built infrared camera that can record individual video frames day and night. These still pictures can be sent to your mobile phone, MMS, or email. The camera can record/send/store images recorded if the alarm is triggered/if motion is detected/permanently.

How the EYE-02 operates:

  • Up to 10 people can connect with the camera and receive notifications
  • Includes five pre-set environment profiles (see below)
  • Can be set-up for permanent monitoring or on-demand monitoring
  • Customise to record/send/store whatever information you choose (receive reports but no images, start recording images on alarm trigger, store images but don't send them etc)
  • Can report activity via TXT, MMS, email or voice call
  • The unit sends images and reports immediately on trigger
  • Includes a 1GB SD memory card (can be upgraded up to 32GB)
  • Includes access to an external website server (via password protected login) to store images and alarm history reports in case the unit is stolen or broken
  • Programming can be done at the unit or via the website server
  • Upgrade or customise with additional wireless sensors including PIR sensors, window sensors, smoke detectors and more. Or add a waterproof outdoor housing. If you would like to customise the EYE-02 please contact us for a quote.
  • Add as many cameras as you need - the website server will give access to up to 25 cameras on a single login
  • Wireless unit for easy DIY installation
  • Operates with a standard pre-pay SIM card from Vodafone or Two Degrees
  • The only ongoing costs are the network charges for the notifications sent from the unit (you can choose to just get TXT notification of an event which will include a website link to view the recorded still images - this makes it extremely cost effective)
  • The kit includes everything you need to install and operate the unit
  • Two year warranty

You can choose from one of the pre-defined environmental profiles which allows fast and simple setting of all the sensor parameters. Alternatively you can further adjust the profile in programming. The environmental profiles are:

  • Home profile - perfect for when the EYE-02 is installed inside a building. Simply put the unit into 'watch' mode when you leave the building and the unit will trigger if it detects any change in the environment.
  • Garage profile - this profile works in the same way as the 'home' profile but with a 30-second entrance delay to allow you to open the door and switch the camera to 'sleep' mode during this delay.
  • Outdoor profile - use when the unit is installed outside a building. Here the EYE-02 reduces the sensors sensitivity to reduce false triggers from extraneous sources (such as sunshine (heat), animals, street noise etc). An optional waterproof housing will also be required to protect the unit.
  • Care profile - this profile is designed for monitoring people in your care. The unit is activated by movement or if the panic alarm is triggered (via an optional emergency wrist button). And example would be to monitor a baby or elderly person while they are asleep.
  • Shop profile - in this mode all the sensors are active as well as the motion in picture detection on the camera. This means it will be permanently recording if movement is detected or the sensors are triggered. It gives you 24/7 monitoring but consequently has the highest energy consumption of all the modes.

Watch your life anytime, from anywhere.


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The GSM camera EYE-02 is a stand-alone "intelligent" monitoring and security tool - it records such information that you need day and night from anywhere. Professional device with server back up and more.
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    The GSM camera EYE-02 is a stand-alone "intelligent" monitorin...

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