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AVS GPS Locator

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  • Mobile phone location and alert
$489.00 (inc GST) $425.22 (exc GST)
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The multi-featured AVS GPS Locator

The AVS Locator is loaded with features that can be customised to provide maximum functionality and security. With this option it is used as a location and alert device only, allowing you to affordably monitor the location of the device as well as controlling a number of optional functions (including TXT activated fuel kill or alarm activation alert).

The AVS Locator features include: 

  • 9v – 36v compatible
  • Stores up to three mobile phone numbers that can be programmed individually to receive any combination of alert TXTs
  • Standby mode to reduce battery and data usage - via an internal motion sensor
  • Back-up battery in case of power failure - around 43 hours on standby or 10 hours in working mode
  • Programmable PIN code for secure access
  • Anti-theft features including flexible and temporary perimeter fencing, alarm activation notification and engine immobilisation
  • Two-way TXT communication of events and commands for increased security and functionality
  • Five inputs which can be used to monitor a range of situations with TXT alerts such as sending an alert TXT if the car alarm is activated, if a caravan door is opened or if water levels drop below a set level
  • Five outputs which can be can be configured control a range of functions via TXT such as turning on a light, starting a pump or fuel kill on a vehicle
  • Optional voice monitoring
  • GPS accuracy of 5-metres or better with clear skies

The AVS Locator can be programmed to send the following TXT alerts: 

  • Alarm activation – on alarm trigger (if connected to an alarm)
  • Alarm armed or disarmed – if the alarm is set or un-set (if connected to an alarm)
  • Ignition on – if the ignition of a vehicle is turned on
  • GPS antenna cut – if the locator detects the aerial has been cut or removed
  • Speed alarm – if the locator moves at a faster speed than your preset limit
  • Low internal battery – if the locator’s internal battery is running low
  • Low external battery – if the locator’s external power source, such as a car battery, is running low
  • External power cut – if the locator suddenly loses power, such as someone trying to remove the tracker
  • Accident alert – if the locator registers a severe impact
  • Tow/movement alarm – if the locator registers it is moving, such as a car or trailer being towed or driven away
  • Positive alarm input – allows the locator to be connected to an alarm or other unit with a positive output for monitoring
The AVS Locator can be set up for a number of command functions including:

  • TXT for the location of the locator – receive a Google maps link for smart phones (or GPS co-ordinates for other phones)
  • Vehicle immobilisation via TXT – TXT activated vehicle immobilisation
  • Turn on or off functions via TXT – such as starting a bike or turning a light on or off
What it costs:
The AVS Locator is $489 (inc GST) per device. Installation charges will vary depending on the application.

The locator price includes the SIM card but not associated data, call or TXT costs charged by Vodafone. As a locator the device does not record regular position updates, it will only transmit its location on command and relies on a good GSM signal. The locator can be moved to real time tracking later (set-up fee will apply).

What to do next:
If you purchase your AVS GPS locator online please note Vodafone does not supply start up credit on SIM cards, you will need to load credit in order for the AVS Locator to operate.
Once you receive your locator contact your local AVS retailer to arrange installation.
Alternatively, instead of purchasing online contact your AVS retailer who will manage the whole process for you and can quote you an installed price for the locator.

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